Top 3 Things We Learned From ExpoWest


Top 3 Things We Learned From ExpoWest

Every year, Milkmakers  has a blast taking part in Natural Products Expo West.  And, this year, as always, we met up with some of our favorite people and had a chance to share the nutritious, delicious, goodness of Milkmakers cookies with every #ExpoWest attendee who dropped by our booth. We wanted to share with you the top 3 things we learned this year while at Expo.

Ain’t No Party Like a West Coast Party…


From Bamboobies founder Kerrie Gilmartin donning pink hair, to Zevia’s real-time artist painting at their booth, there was always something fun and exciting going on at #ExpoWest. But at the heart of the fun, the most important thing to every brand there is making products better so that YOU, yes you, can enjoy healthier choices when you buy.

Hooray for Boobies!

While at Expo, we ran into Jessica Martin-Weber, founder of The Leaky Boob. It was SO great to talk to her about all the ways that brands like Milkmakers and Bamboobies can support breastfeeding moms like you. For us, YOU are why we do what we do. Just taking a moment to hear from others who care deeply about supporting breastfeeding moms was inspiring and motivating. #GoMom!

You deserve a treat.

Being at Expo, we had a chance to try out tons of products, and pick some of our favorites to share with you.  Starting April 5th, we’ll be hosting a giveaway with our favorite brands from #ExpoWest and passing on the goodies to you!  Here are the great products participating:



Quality safe food storage solutions for the whole family!


When you use reusable zip bags by Lunchskins, you’ll be doing the earth good and seriously upping the cute factor on your kids’ snack packs. Win 1 small reusable zip bag and one medium reusable zip bag. (


These nursing pads are super absorbent and eco-friendly. Win a pack of reusable nursing pads plus nipple balm.

The Original Squeeze Company

The Original Squeeze is the original reusable squeeze pouch with a spill-proof spout. Made of durable silicone and 100% toxin-free materials. Win 2 Original Squeezes.

Milkmakers cookies are STILL the most fun and tasty way to help boost milk supply.  Milkmakers are made with organic ingredients, are fenugreek free, AND are available in gluten-free and dairy-free varieties.