“These oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are super delicious, no fooling.”


“These oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are super delicious, no fooling.”

“These oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are super delicious, no fooling.”

Milk and Cookies by Milkmakers

Another post on increasing your breast milk supply because, well, I just keep finding these things that I never knew about and figure it’s good to share the wealth. Milkmakers is a new cookie on the market that is made to increase breast milk supply. Yep, eat a cookie, increase your breast milk – sounds good, no?

After tasting this cookie I had to wonder, did Emily, the founder, sneak into my kitchen and rifle through my cookbooks to find my favorite cookie recipe? Seriously. It’s like these are made for my taste buds: sweet but not too sweet with a hint of salty and plenty of oats and chocolate. Mmmmm chocolate.

I owe Emily a big, if not suspicious, thank you for being gracious enough to send me a sample since as I need a little help in this area. The breast milk area, not the cookie eating area.

These oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are super delicious, no fooling. And that’s saying something considering that the entire purpose of the cookie is to help milk production. Well, and to be yummy of course. I can’t imagine that some of the ingredients like brewer’s yeast taste good on their own…but somehow, Milkmakers manages to blend everything together into a yummy morsel.

And, as a cookie should be, it is huge! A big, round, soft cookie.

With all the other options out there to increase a mom’s breast milk, this, by far, is the tastiest. I’ve written about a number of things like fenugreek as well as drinks like Mamatini or masa. All good options, too, and it’s good to see what works the best for your body as all women (and their breasts) are made differently.

To be honest, since I’ve tried so many different “potions” so to speak I can’t honestly tell you how much of an increase in milk I’m experiencing with each new thing I try these days. But, so far, with eating these cookies I’ve been able to keep up with an undeniable growth spurt by my four month old, just when I thought I may not be able to keep pace with my hungry baby.

And, just last night, at the middle of the night feeding, my boobs were busting at the seams and really quite painful with all that milk inside (TMI, I know, but hey, this is about breast milk).

A good (or bad, depending on how you look at it) thing is, the cookie can be eaten by non-lactating women, too. The brewers yeast and flaxseed oil are good for many things aside from breast milk supply, so go ahead and share them with the whole family. Or don’t…you just might want to keep them all for yourself!

Also, check out the brilliant logo for Milkmakers. Whoever designed that has a wicked good sense of humor.

Milkmakers cookies cost $44 for 30 cookies which, if you’re eating one per day will last a month. I, on the other hand, have been snarfing down two per day and you may find yourself doing the same thing because they are so darn delicious.

You can only get Milkmakers lactation cookies by ordering through their website.