The New Non-Invasive Way to Test for Breast Cancer


The New Non-Invasive Way to Test for Breast Cancer

If you’ve ever had a mammogram then you know first hand: the procedure can be uncomfortable and inconvenient at best; downright painful at worst.

But, Thermography (or Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) is a 15-minute non-invasive test of physiology.  The images from a thermography can alert your doctor to changes in your breast tissue over time. And, as a patient, you’ll get to see the images as well. Giving you valuable information about your own breast health. It’s a quick and easy procedure (taking only about 15 minutes) and is comparable to a mammogram for women 25-55.

Here’s what some patients of Essential Body Imaging, clinics located through the Pacific Northwest, had to say about Thermography:

“Wow, that was fast.”

“I thought it was interesting that I got to see the images after I was done.  I like that I know where my trouble spots are and I can see them on the screen.”

“I got my interpenetrated report back in just a few days.  That was fast!”

“I am so happy that I do this instead of getting squished for breast health.”

“I wish I had done this, years ago!  This is so much easier to do than a mammogram.”

“Wow!  No pain.  This was great!”

Want to know if Thermography is right for you as an alternative to a Mammogram? Talk to your doctor first. And, to learn more about thermography visit Essential Body Imaging.