Simple Wishes Giveaway


Simple Wishes Giveaway

Congrats to our Simple Wishes giveaway winner Erin Yorker! Erin will receive a Simple Wishes hands-free pumping bra! We are absolutely thrilled by all the entries, and would like to thank each and every mom who took the time to like our Facebook page and enter.

Please enjoy this inspiring interview with Simple Wishes co-founder Joy and learn more about this wonderful product.


Four Sisters, One Vision: The Story Behind Simple Wishes

There’s undoubtedly something special about the bond between sisters. So when four spirited girls who grew to be successful young women decided to create a product that they – as new mothers – felt was missing from the market, there was quite simply no stopping them. Though the connection of this foursome is the foundation for Simple Wishes, each sister brings her own unique strengths, talents and ideas to the table, resulting in a powerful professional force mixed with love, laughter and loads of creativity.
ladies of simple wishes

We sat down with Joy, the sister responsible for Business Development, and here is what she had to say:

How did you come up with the idea for your business/product?  My sister Debra was exclusively pumping for her first baby and was frustrated with the available hands-free options. None of them were truly hands free. They were functional but not ideal. As the bottles filled up with milk they would tip away from her body, start slipping down and more importantly as she lost her pregnancy weight no longer fit. Debra has a background in apparel production and knew with her contacts and expertise she could design and produce a hands free bra that addressed all the issues she was experiencing. Debra approached Lydia, Keren and I, we’re all sisters, with her idea. I have a background in sales, Keren in online merchandising, and Lydia in finance/business operations. Our combined strengths made up the foundation to successfully launch our business. I started selling the concept of our product to retailers before we even had a sample to share. Fast-forward 2 years and our product has now helped over 80,000 moms simplify the pumping experience.

What makes your product unique?

The main feature that makes the Simple Wishes Hands Free Breastpump Bra unique is that you can adjust the size of the bra as your breast and/or body size increases or decreases. The bra’s patent pending design incorporates a Velcro back panel that allows a mom to adjust the size by up to 10” to guarantee a custom and supportive fit for the 1,000th pumping session as it did for the 1st. Additionally the bra comes with straps that may be worn for extra support and a 2” center panel that can be inserted between the breasts, for women who’s chests are a bit broader, to achieve exact bottle alignment with the breast.


What advice can you share with our breastfeeding/working moms?

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do it all every day. Like most working mothers, I continually strive to find the delicate balance between work, home, family and time for myself. It’s a constant challenge in which I succeed on some days but not so much on others. When I get caught up in the stresses of work I try to remind myself to focus on the things that I’ll look back on with fond memories when I’m 80 years old. They won’t be that last email I need to get out or the latest pressing business challenge…they will be playing with my children, spending time laughing and loving my husband, growing in my relationships with my friends and family and taking care of my own health and personal growth.

What is the most rewarding part of your business?

I LOVE hearing feedback from moms who have discovered our bra. It’s great to be able to run a business that allows me to support my family but the real gratification comes in knowing our product is having such a huge impact on the breastfeeding success of so many moms.

I have heard Simple Wishes does a lot of charity work, can you tell us about this?

Yes, we have donated samples of our bra to almost every Women’s Infant Childrens (WIC) agency across the country. WIC is a federally funded program that supports grants to states for supplemental foods, health care referrals and nutrition education for low-income pregnant, breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding mothers, infants and children up to 5 years of age. We also support an amazing breastfeeding advocacy group called Best for Babes,  Their mission is to give breastfeeding a makeover, and to beat the Booby Traps – the barriers to breastfeeding success.  As they succeed in their mission we have the opportunity to help more moms who might otherwise never even try breastfeeding or quickly give up.

What else would you like to do, or what is next from Simple Wishes?

In the coming years we plan to capitalize on our established brand by expanding our line to include products such as nursing apparel and breastmilk storage solutions. Stay tuned…