Breastfeeding: A Journey of Gratitude

Breastfeeding: A Journey of Gratitude

From a new mom: β€œI feel so blessed to have your support while my baby and I learned to breastfeed together, I need to express my gratitude. Please accept this donation to help another mom who needs your help. Thank you for your help and for this opportunity to ‘pay it forward.’”


what she was actually doing.

Gratitude. It’s so important. It fills us up and makes us feel good. Yet sometimes, we get so busy with our daily lives we forget to acknowledge this powerful state of mind. If life is more stressful than usual, it’s even more difficult to remember to be thankful.



The birth of a baby is a time of great joy. Even sleep deprived, exhausted new parents are in a blissful state of wonderment and gratitude for the tiny miracle who has entered their world. When there are breastfeeding challenges, however, it can be difficult to maintain that blissful state. And even more difficult to feel gratitude when you are worried that your baby isn’t getting enough milk, your nipples are cracked, and your baby won’t stop crying.



The mother quoted above was in that situation when she first called for breastfeeding help. Her baby had lost weight, her nipples were terribly damaged, and she had mastitis. She didn’t know if she would be able to breastfeed. She was discouraged and fearful.



It took several weeks and multiple visits from her lactation consultant (IBCLC) to help her over the hump so she could enjoy breastfeeding and relax about her thriving baby. She was filled with gratitudeβ€”so much that she wanted to pass it on and give another mother the experience of successful breastfeeding. Wow!



Let’s take a moment to think about being thankful. Naturally, you are thankful for your beautiful baby. But have you thought about gratitude related to breastfeeding or breast milk? I certainly have! Perhaps you’d like to join me in feeling thankful…



…for the ease of feeding your baby. No preparation time or clean up is required!



…for the confidence that your milk is perfect for your baby. Whatever amount you make, every drop is perfect. No need to add anything. It is the perfect combination of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. And it’s always the right temperature!



…that all you do is let your baby breastfeed every few hours and it results in your baby getting chubby right before your eyes.



…for the really great pumps that are available to modern mothers. Now mothers can go to work or school and still provide precious milk for their babies.



…for all of the accurate information available to breastfeeding mothers. La Leche League volunteers, WIC Peer Counselors and lactation consultants are all there to help you succeed!



…for readily available clean water so that formula can be used safely and pump parts can be thoroughly washed.



…for support of your partner, family and friends. Community support is vital for breastfeeding success!



…for that milk-drunk, sleepy grin as your baby slips off your breast.



What is it about breastfeeding that makes you feel thankful? This is a great time of year to remind yourself of your gratitude for your family, your baby, and your unique breastfeeding relationship. If you had help along the way, please pass on those feelings to all of those who have provided support for your breastfeeding journey. You will make their day.


This article was written by lactation consultant, Renee Beebe IBCLC, and originally appeared on her website The Second 9 Months. For more breastfeeding resources and support from Renee, visit her there anytime!