Are You Taking Care of Your Breasts?

Are You Taking Care of Your Breasts?

When you’re breastfeeding, it can feel like your breasts are constantly someone else’s. It can be easy to forget that they’re part of your body- and as a part of your body you need to take care of them.

Still, conducting regular breast exams while breastfeeding is important. Though rare, breastfeeding women can and do get breast cancer, and the most important factor in surviving breast cancer is early detection. Take care of those tatas, mamas!

Here’s a how-to guide on how to do a self exam:

Step One: Remove your top and bra and look at your breasts in the mirror.

Look for breasts that are misshapen or have obvious lumps. Remember, as a breastfeeding mom, to factor in breastfeeding as a reason for changes in breast tissue. You’re looking for  hard, uneven lumps that do not go away over time.

step 1

Step 2:

Raise your arms and look again for any changes in your breasts: lumps, misshapen areas, or tender/tight areas (unrelated to breastfeeding.)

step 2


Step 3:

Remember to periodically conduct a self exam in the shower. Feel all the way around the perimeter of your nipple, checking for lumps, tightness, or tenderness that does not go away when nursing.


step 3


Step 4: An exam lying on your back is also a great way to feel for changes to your breasts.

Step 5:

Most importantly, continue to have regular breast exams when you visit your doctor.

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