news from milkmakers – recognizing the super working-moms


news from milkmakers – recognizing the super working-moms

Breastfeeding isn’t just about having a supportive partner at home. It’s about having the support to pump in the workplace. For women who work in an office, it may just be having a private space with outlets, comfortable chairs, and a locking door (that’s not in a bathroom). But what about moms who don’t work in an office? Bus drivers? Police officers? Middle school teachers? ER doctors? How can those moms find time and space so they can spend 20 minutes pumping every 3-4 hours during their working hours? And how will the stress of the logistics, time, and pressures of pumping at work affect their milk supply?

The Department of Labor recently issued a widespread “request for information” for women to share stories and insight about the challenges, pitfalls, and successes of pumping and breastfeeding while working. While the window for responding to the Department of Labor has closed, it has sparked new discussion about how to support breastfeeding mothers who are returning to work.

I am so excited that we, as a society, are having these discussions. I vividly remember going back to a fast-paced job after my first child was born and being completely overwhelmed with trying to fit pumping into an already jam-packed day in an office environment that wasn’t set up to accommodate me. Horrible. On a daily basis, I hear from moms who struggle to continue breastfeeding while working. It’s universal, regardless of where you’re working.

Also this month: Michelle Obama highlights breastfeeding in her Let’s Move! campaign to fight childhood obesity and milkmakers recognizes the hard work of mothers managing both a new baby and a career.

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