Mudpies and Tiaras reviews milkmakers cookies


Mudpies and Tiaras reviews milkmakers cookies

Mudpies and Tiaras is a blog created by two best friends, Belinda and Kristen. They blog about parenting and family life. Since they are both pregnant right now, they approached milkmakers about doing a review of our cookies as they wanted to share with their audience how to boost a low milk supply. Here’s what they had to say about us:

“As I prepare to breastfeed our 4th child, I do not take it for granted that my milk will come. I know that every pregnancy and every breastfeeding experience is so different. While I have had plenty of milk in the past, it does not mean I will this time. I like to research natural ways to increase your supply (should you need it). Aside from letting your baby nurse frequently, there are several different methods that you can use to increase your supply. But did you know eating a cookie could actually help? Yes! An excuse to indulge in a cookie and it really IS for your baby! That is exactly what milkmakers offers. These cookies contain three ingredients that are believed to aid in milk production; oats, Brewers Yeast and flax seed.

“As you can see my kids like them too! All the ingredients are safe for kids, moms and obviously nurslings too. We all tried them and approved. There are two flavors. We tried the Chocolate Chip. You can also try Dairy Free Oatmeal Raisin. You can order cookies at any time. milkmakers also offers a great subscription service. You pay $49.99 and a shipment of cookies will arrive at your door (With FREE shipping) every 30 days. You may cancel at any time with no obligation. Or if you prefer to just have them on hand you can order a 10-pack for $19.99. These would be a unique and thoughtful gift for a baby shower too.”

You can read the full review and check out the Mudpies and Tiaras blog by clicking here.

mudpies and tiaras review of milkmakers cookies