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“To get some exercise and help calm my crying baby, I strapped her to me in our awesome sling and took off walking!”

You can start running just 10 minutes a day.

“Staying in shape while pregnant showed me how strong I am and inspired me to challenge myself after pregnancy.”

Swimming is a great way to be active.

“Running keeps me sane and gives me the strength to be a better mom. And it’s fun!”

Some yoga studios provide childcare for new moms.

“I am armed with my jogging stroller and have vowed to get back into the groove. I just entered a half marathon.”

Milkmakers are delicious and nutritious lactation cookies that can help nursing moms boost breast milk supply.

Our focus: healthy families 

milkmakers is encouraging all moms and dads to get moving with Moms that Move.Healthy families begin when breastfeeding moms nurse healthy babies. 

Healthy families continue when moms and dads have healthy lifestyles that include eating the right foods and getting enough exercise.

This year, Milkmakers is taking healthy families a step further by encouraging all moms and dads to get moving with Moms that Move.

What is Moms that Move?

When we get out and move, we improve our bodies and minds…and that spills over into our family life. Our children are influenced at very young ages. When they see their parents living an active lifestyle, it makes a difference.

As new moms, it is challenging for us to meet the new demands of parenthood. There’s breastfeeding, schedules, sleepless nights, and lots of adjusting.

How do we get moving?

Here’s the plan. Let’s inspire each other to be active now, and every day. Let’s give each other encouragement to get started and answer questions that others may have. For the next few months, Milkmakers will be hosting the following conversation on our Facebook page:

  • What are we doing to get moving? 
  • How are we going to get started?
  • Why is it important?
  • What questions do we have about becoming active?
  • How can we support each other?

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Cycling with your baby...what a treat!


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milkmakers founder Emily Kane talks about Moms that Move

“I want our girls to grow up healthy and strong, inside and out.”

Anna started running and logged her progress on the social networking site

“The best running moment of my life – halfway through my half marathon…this is 100% happiness you’re looking at.”

Alyssa joined Weight Watchers and kept an inspiration journal of why she should work out

“I want to be strong for her, and show her how to take good, healthy care of herself.”

Katie relied on support (and a little healthy competition!) from friends to get her motivated to run

“My kids see my commitment to myself and my own health, and that reinforces the words we use to talk about making healthy choices.”