Milkmakers Gluten-Free Lactation Cookies!


Milkmakers Gluten-Free Lactation Cookies!

by Renee Beebe, M.ed., IBCLC

milkmakers lactation consultant Renee BeebeI’m one of those people who can’t eat wheat. Well, actually I’ve discovered that I can eat it occasionally and it’s not the end of the world. But if I ate how most people ate every day, I’d be in serious pain. I don’t have celiac disease, but I avoid gluten—most of the time.

Wheat contains gluten, which is a protein that can cause intestinal irritation. A significant number of my clients are sensitive to wheat as well. In addition, many breastfed babies have gastric distress, reflux symptoms or “colic” due to sensitivities to foods in their mothers’ diets. Gluten is one of the big culprits.

I always feel bad when I offer a milkmakers cookie sample to a new mother and she has to decline because she is gluten free.

So…it’s only natural that I would have a conversation with Emily from Milkmakers about making a wheat-free cookie. And it’s only natural that Emily was way ahead of me in trying to figure out how to meet the needs of gluten-free moms.

In order to ensure a gluten-free cookie, it can not be made in an environment that has light, fluffy wheat flour floating around. Even trace amounts of gluten can be a problem for some people. Emily was not happy settling for almost gluten free. She was also not willing to leave the nut-free bakery where Milkmakers are made since nut allergies are so prevalent.

I am happy to report a solution to the problem. Milkmakers gluten-free cookie mixes! Brilliant!! Now moms who are very sensitive to gluten can be assured that the cookies will be made in a gluten-free environment. They don’t have to worry about cross contamination. In addition, all of the Milkmakers mixes are dairy free.

Since they are baked at home, moms get the satisfaction that comes from home-baked cookies! Everybody wins!

Thank you Emily and Milkmakers!