milkmakers cookie giveaway from your fonder heart!


milkmakers cookie giveaway from your fonder heart!

Emma Summer, of the blog Your Fonder HeartEmma Summer is a postpartum doula, a parenting teacher, and author of the blog Your Fonder Heart. She recently reviewed milkmakers cookies and is giving away a one month supply of milkmakers cookies on her blog.

Here’s what she had to say about milkmakers:

“As a doula, one of the most common issues I help moms with is low milk supply. Returning to work, hormonal imbalances, PCOS, babies who don’t nurse perfectly and a whole host of other things can impact your ability to make plenty of milk.

“Milkmakers sent me some delicious cookies to try that aim to assist busy and tired postpartum moms who need help with their milk supply. Though I really want to be fair and balanced, I only have good things to say. These cookies are YUMMMMMMY. And, I think more importantly, when you are early postpartum and needing foods that are high in calories, nutrient dense and easy, always easy, to eat, cookies are perfect. They keep well. They taste good. You can start one, forget about it and come back to it. You can put a few down in a row.

“Oats, nutritional yeast and flax are the galactogogues responsible for increasing your milk supply and they all have lovely benefits unrelated to making milk but perfect for a nursing mom.

  • Oats: soothe the nerves and have lots of fiber (think first postpartum poop)
  • Brewer’s yeast: has 9 grams (!!!) of complete protein in 2 tablespoons and is rich in B12, amino acids and tons of micronutrients like potassium
  • Flax: has omega 3s, stabilizes blood sugar and, like oats, is high in fiber.

“Such a tasty and convenient way to get all those healthy ingredients in to your body!”

Click here to read her full review and to enter to win a one month supply of milkmakers lactation cookies!