milkmakers cookie giveaway from thirtymommy!


milkmakers cookie giveaway from thirtymommy!

Thirty MommyThirty Mommy is a great resource for women. It’s a blog for moms who want to “balance family life with their busy demanding lives in the city.” Scherrie from Thirty Mommy recently reviewed milkmakers cookies. Here’s what she had to say about us:

“In my seemingly unending quest to boost my milk supply, I came across a delicious solution: milkmakers. Milkmakers are cookies that are made with ingredients to assist with your body’s natural method of milk production.The delicious cookies include ingredients such as: oats, brewer’s yeast and flax seed. I tried two favors, the chocolate chip oatmeal and the oatmeal cookies, they were completely delectable!

“I did notice a slight increase in my milk supply after eating the cookies for a few days. Milkmakers come in a variety of flavors and are delivered directly to your house plus there is an option to subscribe monthly! The package suggests that you eat 2 cookies a day and I looked forward to this treat daily. The only problem I had was keeping the cookies all to myself: my toddler exclaimed: “mommy, you have to share your cookies!” Milkmakers now offers Mom-on-the-Go Individually wrapped cookies that you can carry in your purse, diaper bag when you are on the go!”

Click here to check out the review on her site and enter to win a 20 pack of milkmakers new mom-on-the-go cookies!