milkmakers cookie giveaway from She {hearts} It!


milkmakers cookie giveaway from She {hearts} It!

Drea Wood, of the blog She {hearts} ItDrea Wood is a busy mother of three boys, a photographer, and a founder and writer of the blog She {hearts} It. She recently reviewed milkmakers cookies and is doing a milkmakers cookie giveaway on her blog! Go check her out and enter to win some cookies while you’re at it!

Here’s an excerpt from her review:

“One thing that many of us moms experience when it comes time to nurse our babies is a lack of supply. Other moms are blessed with an abundance [be thankful]! This struggle can affect moms who nurse exclusively or moms who have to leave after a few weeks and return to work, resorting in pumping while away. Whatever the reason, it can be very frustrating.

“There are options out there to help with this problem and one of those comes from a company called milkmakers. These amazing cookies were created by a mom who after returning to work, realized she needed help to keep up her supply.

“If you are a mom who is struggling nursing due to lack of supply, check out the milkmakers website. Also, if you are pregnant and about to start the journey nursing, go ahead and prepare and order some. These cookies can be frozen and brought out any time you are ready for one. It would be very wise to have some on hand, just in case.”

Enter to win a 10 day supply of milkmakers cookies here.