Milkmakers Cookie Giveaway from Mummie’s Nummies

Milkmakers Cookie Giveaway from Mummie’s Nummies

Jacky of Mummie’s Nummies, a Breastfeeding Support Blog, recently gave milkmakers cookies a try. Here’s an excerpt from the review on her blog:

“I just LOVE products that help make our breastfeeding journey a little bit easier. Go on and throw in a product that makes breastfeeding easier AND tastes YUMMY……. well, well, well you have my attention!

“The first impressions were AWESOME! But what about the taste test? milkmakers cookies are soft, tasty, yummy, crumbly, and OHHHHHHH so good! I love me some chocolate chip cookies…. and these rank right up there!

“So what about the result test? (I ate 1-2 cookies a day for 3 days, before I wrote this review, as stated on the cookie package.)

“So on day 3, I woke up with tingling nipples. (Yupp…. the nips were tingling! For sure sign of increased Nummies!) I thought to myself ‘hmmmmmm that feels weird!’ then I went to get kit Kat from her bed. Per her normal morning time ritual, we sat on the recliner and she said ‘Mommy, I want to eat’ so eat she did. And did…..and did……and did….. AND DID! Holy Breastmilk Batman! I looked at my husband and said ‘She won’t stop!’

“So my answer to the result test: WORKED FOR ME!”

Click here to read the whole (awesome and fun!) review, and to enter to win a 10 day supply of milkmakers cookies!