milkmakers cookie giveaway from Mama on a Green Mission!

milkmakers cookie giveaway from Mama on a Green Mission!

Mama on a Green Mission is a parenting blog dedicated to making green changes, using organic, natural products, and making this planet better for our kids.

Recently, Mama on a Green Mission got a chance to try out milkmakers cookies. Here’s what she had to say:

“I was incredibly worried about going back to work and continuing with breast feeding baby Addy. It can be difficult to pump and bring home milk every day and add to that extra work the stress about whether or not I pump enough and it could create some trouble in the breast feeding world.

“milkmakers cookies were created by a mom after she went back to work; she too was worried about providing enough milk for her baby!

“I did see an increase in my milk supply to the point that I was getting a bit over what I needed for baby Addy each day! I had a bit extra and my stress was gone! I would recommend lactation cookies to any mama who is having trouble or needs a bit of a boost when pumping and/or nursing. They are tasty and they help with milk supply, it can’t get any better! πŸ™‚ Now we mamas have a great reason to eat cookies daily! :)”

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