milkmakers cookie giveaway from have sippy will travel


milkmakers cookie giveaway from have sippy will travel

milkmakers cookiesDanielle from the blog Have Sippy Will Travel recently reviewed milkmakers cookies, and is hosting a giveaway of milkmakers new mom-on-the-go cookies on her blog.

Here’s what she had to say about us:

“I truthfully am very impressed with these cookies. They are absolutely amazing. After my Christmas Vacation, I was having a hard time pumping what I was needing to since I had solely breastfed over the break. I was so excited to whip out these cookies again to help me up my pumping supply. They are everything that they say they are and beyond. I definitely was impressed with them, and continue recommending them to every breastfeeding friend that I know!

“The new packaging is absolutely perfect as well. I couldn’t be happier for the ease of using them now. I was able just pull it out of the diaper bag when I wanted it, as well as just have it packed away in my lunch with no problem whatsoever!”

Click here to read the full review and to enter to win a 20 pack of milkmakers mom-on-the-go cookies.