milkmakers cookie giveaway from Eli and Ellie!


milkmakers cookie giveaway from Eli and Ellie!

Abigayle Conner, of the blog Eli and Ellie, recently reviewed milkmakers cookies, and she’s doing a milkmakers cookie giveaway on her blog!

Here’s an excerpt from her review:

“milkmakers cookies areย jam packed with not only great flavors and fresh ingredients, but supplements that are needed to boost milk supply. For about $1.50 a day, mother can boost her milk supply by eating super yummy milkmakers cookies. Can we say yes please?

“My milkmakers cookied (dubbed boob cookies in my house) were my treats that I looked forward to during our quiet time. It was especially great because they were mine only, and that doesn’t happen very often with anything these days. (If you’re a mom, you know exactly what I mean…)

“There’s no question that my milkmakers cookies tasted great. They were awesome! But, I’m sure the question you will all ask is whether or not it boosted my supply. The answer, YES, yes they did! Most of you know that I’ve been struggling to keep my supply for my youngest. I was incredibly sick for a while and was put on antibiotics, which are known to dry supply. From there on, I watched my left breast dry up. It was so disheartening. My daughter’s pediatrician told us that we would have to supplement formula (nothing wrong with that, I’ve just always had an over-supply problem with my EBF babies) so I was looking for any way to boost the supply I had left to continue to nurse Evie as much as I could. I noticed a significant difference after just a week of eating milkmakers cookies. I noticed that not only was Evie nursing for a longer period of time, but she also wasn’t getting as frustrated after a minute or two of nursing.

“I would definitely recommend milkmakers cookies to new nursing moms, moms that are having under supply issues, or moms who just want to eat something that is not only delicious, but packed with nutrients as well.”

Abigayle Conner with her family