Milk & Cookies: milkmakers Cookies that Promote Breastfeeding


Milk & Cookies: milkmakers Cookies that Promote Breastfeeding

We want to thank OneHungryMama from for spreading the word about milkmakers cookies to help breastfeeding moms everywhere! We need all the support we can get and delicious cookies delivered to your door is a wonderful thing for busy moms! So glad you (and your husband) enjoyed them:)  And by the way, WE LOVE BREASTFEEDING STORIES and thanks for sharing your abbreviated version.

OneHungryMama writes:

“Everyone has a breast feeding story. Mine is wayyyyyy too long and complicated to get into here. (Truly.) But let’s just say that I’ve tried everything—from imported medications to acupuncture and everything in between—to promote lactation. I’m (over!) qualified to tell you, first hand, that maintaining a supply of breast milk can be a lot of work.”  You can read the rest of her post here.

She goes on to address one of the most frequently asked questions we get about milkmakers.  Moms often wonder how a cookie that can work wonders in the milk department can taste good too.  She says:

“That’s all fine and dandy, but I know inquiring minds want to know more about how these cookies taste. The recipe, based on a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie, yields a yummy, slightly oversized cookie with near perfect texture. The wholesome flavor is not too sweet, but just sweet enough to feel like a treat. Milkmakers strike the perfect balance between screw-it-tasty and good-for-you. Don’t believe me? Even my husband even got into the cookie action (after I assured him that they don’t cause lactation!).

What more can a (breastfeeding) girl ask for?”

We couldn’t agree more!