Making It WORK


Making It WORK

When I went back to work after my first daughter, Isabel, was born I found myself in a situation that’s probably familiar to you — trying to manage work life, home life, and fitting in the time to pump during an already busy day.  Soon, my milk supply was no longer enough to meet the needs of my growing baby. And, I worried I wouldn’t be able to continue to provide Isabel with what I knew was best for her.

Moms, I know you can relate. It would have been easy for me to give up so many times.

But, instead, I began to research everything I could about how I could increase my milk supply. When a lactation consultant first told me about lactation cookies, it seemed too good to be true: I could eat delicious cookies AND increase my milk supply. To my surprise, I saw an immediate boost in my milk production.

With time, we began to find the balance that was right for our family. Isabel began to thrive, and I grew more and more confident balancing the demands of my career and breastfeeding.

It was this experience that started me on a journey to provide moms like me with the resources and support they need to continue breastfeeding, through Milkmakers. And, I went on to breastfeed my daughter Isabel for a year-a goal I never dreamed possible at the beginning of my breastfeeding journey with her.

Don’t give up.

You CAN reach your breastfeeding goals. And, I’ll be here cheering you on every step of the way.

Go, Mom!