Life with the Hux reviews milkmakers


Life with the Hux reviews milkmakers

Life with the Hux reviews milkmakersMommy blogger Hillary Haenlein of Life with the Hux recently wrote a charming review of milkmakers cookies. Here’s what she had to say about us:

“Ever since Hux started solids I kind of took the lazy Mom approach to nursing. I stopped pumping, taking ridiculous amounts of supplements & just basically quit worrying about how much milk I was producing. It was a giant weight off my shoulders. I was a wreck in the beginning—especially when our horrible ex-Pediatrician told us we had to supplement with formula because I was a failure. Well, he didn’t exactly come out and say that but that’s what I heard.

You name it, I did it…Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, oatmeal, dark beer, Brewer’s Yeast, and enough water to turn the Sahara into a Rain Forest. Fast-forward to now, & Hux is still a boob man. We nurse up to 10 times if not more per day, and let me tell you—it’s exhausting!

I couldn’t tell you where my pump is, because I am sooo over that & I cannot gulp down another herbal supplement or cup of tea. You know what I will do to help ensure Hux is getting enough to drink?

Eat a cookie.

Yep…milkmakers. They are these delicious awesome cookies boosted with all the good stuff your Milk Trucks need to produce that liquid gold. Go get on the cookie train now & let the milk flow!”

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