It Was Harder Than I Expected…But, That’s Not What I Remember…


It Was Harder Than I Expected…But, That’s Not What I Remember…

When we brought our first daughter, Isabel, home from our birthing center,  it was a big adjustment.  Healing from her birth in the midst of night wakings and round-the-clock feedings was more challenging than I’d expected. I was exhausted and overwhelmed, but I wasn’t alone.  I look back on that time with a fair bit of nostalgia. Matt and I sleepily waking together.  Me, feeding tiny Isabel, him braving midnight diaper changes.

I am so grateful to have had Matt to share in the challenges of those first moments of parenthood. He was, and continues to be, such an incredible dad.

But, it isn’t just night feedings and diaper changes that have brought their fair share of challenges. Balancing our careers and family life has also required lots and lots of teamwork. But, Matt has always supported me in following my dreams. Next to my family, Milkmakers is my passion. To make it all happen, Matt enthusiastically shares his role as my partner in parenting; welcoming me home from my many business trips with well-fed kids and a well-ordered home. Matt rocks!

I know I’m not alone in feeling a deep sense of love and gratitude for my kids’ dad.

So, here’s to all the supportive partners out there!  We see you, dads.  Here’s to dads taking on midnight diaper changes. Or long hours at the office. Or running carpool. Or…you name it!  We’re so grateful to share this parenting journey with you.  We know great dads raise great kids.  So, this month we want to thank all the dads in our lives (step dads, grandpas, and uncles, too!) who make our lives and our kids’ lives better because of all they do.

Happy Father’s Day,