Interview with Anni Daulter, author of Sacred Pregnancy

Interview with Anni Daulter, author of Sacred Pregnancy

Anni Daulter, MSW, is a Conscious Family Living lifestyle expert, professional cook, advocate for sustainable living, and author of six books. Her newest book, Sacred Pregnancy: A Loving Guide and Journal for Expectant Moms, was released in May 2012. Milkmakers interviewed her right before the release of Sacred Pregnancy.

Milkmakers: You are involved in so many cool things, from cooking to writing to guest speaking. What do you enjoy most about your career? 

Anni Daulter: The most amazing thing is that I get to wake up every day and be with my kids AND create positive change in the world for pregnant mamas, families, and the earth. I feel extremely blessed to be allowed to create books and community that inspire people to find their own true potential. AND…writing books, cooking, gardening, doing photo shoots, planning the Sacred Pregnancy movement, is just plain FUN too!

MM: As a mother of four, how do you manage your work/life balance? 

AD: Well, in all honesty, I have the MOST supportive husband in the world who is truly my champion and my touchstone. He creates time and space for me to create while he plays, reads and runs around with our kids. I also work a lot of LATE nights. Anyone who knows me expects to get VERY late night emails from me. I recently had this conversation with one of my dearest friends and we talked about how when you are passionate about your life, work, and projects, time expands for you and somehow allows you more space to focus, create, and produce. I know with the limited amount of time I actually have to work and the amount of work I get done…that theory HAS to be true!

MM: Organic is important to us at Milkmakers. Tell us how and why it became so important to you?

AD: As a professional organic cook and an author of several organic cookbooks, I know the importance of not only eating organic, non-pesticide sprayed foods, but the importance of eating fresh, sourcing local, growing our own, and creating community with food in creative ways that support sustainable living through things like food swaps & CSA’s. The most important thing about all of this to me is what we are handing down to our children. The traditions we are passing down, the inspiration to live healthy, the knowledge to know how to care for their bodies, feed themselves and care for the earth. Organic is not a fad, it’s every person’s human right. We ALL deserve to be able to eat foods that have not had toxic junk caked on them, and honestly we should not have to pay extra for that “right.” We have it backward in this country because we elevate organic to a high level status and make everyone pay for it. Really it should be the norm, a given if you will, and presented to folks within a range of financial possibility. This is why it is critical for folks to start getting creative with things like food swappin’ fresh homemade goods to joining local CSA’s or slow food movements.

MM: Congratulations on your newest book, Sacred Pregnancy. What inspired you to create it?

AD: Well, that is a simple and complicated answer. Simply put, becoming a mother over and over again inspired me. But to take a deeper look at why I wrote the book, it really stems from my desire to help women do a little self-facing, take that critical time of being pregnant to start processing what it all means so that when they cross over into motherhood, they are more physically, spiritually and mentally prepared. I wanted to write a book that truly inspired women and became their best friend. One that will have tea stains and tears on it from being opened so much. I also wanted it to be pretty and delicate and feel warm and loving. This book is everything I wanted it to be, and I truly hope that you all love it too. Sacred Pregnancy is a journey, a beginning; a start down a path to raising your children that might have been different had you not read the book. And that is saying a lot.

MM: Amazing! What has been the response to the book so far?

AD: Well the book is not out yet and so the only reviews are from those folks who got a sneak peak for promotional reasons, and they LOVE it! YEAH! The book’s forewords were written by Ina May Gaskin and Anna Getty. It has been endorsed by Ricki Lake, Shiva Rose, Peggy O’Mara (editor of Mothering Magazine), Peg Moline (editor of Fit Pregnancy), The Doula Association of Southern California, and so many more. I am actually floored that the book is getting this response and feel humbled and honored that the goal I set out to accomplish seems to be manifesting itself right before my eyes!

MM: As an organic chef, mother and advocate of sustainable living, do you have any advice for new moms?

AD: You know I could go on and on about this, right? Ha! My advice for new mamas is to care for yourself, nurture yourself, be patient with yourself and look within for answers. TRUST your mothering instincts and be open to hearing what your children have to say…even when it seems inconvenient to do so. Mostly, love up those babies, that is the most important thing! Sleep with them, snuggle them, carry them, breastfeed them and be present. Our children are little for a moment…literally! And adults for a lifetime…invest when they are young in a childhood of rich, natural experiences and you will reap the rewards forever!

MM: Where can we get Sacred Pregnancy and your other books?

AD: For more fun musings with me, check out my books:

Organically Raised: Conscious Cooking for Babies and Toddlers: This book is primarily a baby food book, but also has many unique family recipes. It’s beautiful and fun and has a lot of great ideas.

ICE POP JOY: This is a book of 50 healthy and organic ice pops! It’s perfect timing as the weather is starting to warm up. It features everything from fruit, veggie, yogurt, tofu, tea to specialty pops!

The Organic Family Cookbook: This is a great cookbook for all families. It’s filled with a bunch of fun stuff to do to the earth and how to live more simply through the lens of what my family and I do. So if you want to know a bunch a stuff about me and get some tasty food and tips, this is a great book to get. It got great reviews.

Naturally Fun Parties for Kids: If you are into throwing parties, but want them to be more simple, with great food, natural ideas and full of pretties…this is the book for you. The parties are seasonal, sustainable, fun and REALLY beautiful.

Sacred Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, buy this book! If you know someone pregnant or see someone pregnant, buy this book for them. It truly is an amazing friend to have along the life-changing journey of pregnancy. Read all the amazing reviews and come over to the Sacred Pregnancy journey to join the movement. We also have a great “conscious parenting” section of the site and will soon be launching a very unique “sacred shop!”

Visit the website:


I’m totally obsessed with (this changes regularly)…right now, Bali, Food Swaps, Civil War Music (especially the song “forget me not”), rice tortilla chicken quesadillas with lime and cumin dressing, gifts wrapped with knitted fabric, and the smell of patchouli and brown sugar!

My biggest influence/inspiration is…
my mother and her courage, my children (Zoe when he is drawing something amazing or playing “Falling Slowly” on his guitar; Lotus when she is knitting, caring for someone else’s feelings or climbing our bamboo as an adventure; Bodhi when he is attacking me with love, or when he spurts off some random scientific fact that I don’t know myself or when he tucks his feet under his back to go to sleep; and River when he says at two, “I Love You,” and knows what he is saying and means it – the way he chases his brother just to catch him to snuggle him and how fearless he is…) AND my husband, who INSPIRES everyone…and teaches others by EXAMPLE and who holds our family with such care. These are my inspirations that add up to my amazing life…

My favorite food is…My homemade PERFECTLY roasted tomato soup with my local baker’s “Sweet water bread” garlic Parmesan toast. I worked on perfecting this recipe for 6 months and now people beg me to make it! It’s so nourishing…maybe I will share it with your readers sometime!

My guilty pleasure is…chocolate, homemade butter pecan ice cream, essential oil baths by myself with NO TOYS floating around me.

All About Anni: 

Anni was the founder of a fresh organic baby food company, Bohemian Baby. Recently, Anni, along with Elena Rego, launched a new site, magazine, and community called Sacred Pregnancy. This site really launched a movement, and they are excited to grow and create amazing things for the world of pregnancy and conscious parenting.

Anni lives in the countryside in Pennsylvania with her family. She has four children, Zoë, Lotus Sunshine, Bodhi Ocean, and River Love.

Please visit Anni at: