Have you met July’s featured Real Mom?


Have you met July’s featured Real Mom?

Real Mom: Gillian Murphy – Attorney & Mom to Violet, 10 months old



Both my husband Matt and I are from a very small town (we met when we were 9 years old) and just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! Growing up I wanted to be a dancer, but in college, I interned at the public defenders office and decided to go to law school. I am now an employment lawyer at a major firm and I love it!

A few months after I went back to work, my supply really dropped off which up until then had never been a concern. It was really stressful scraping together every drop so that Violet would have enough to eat the following day. I was worried that the day would come when I simply did not have enough to feed her. I got to my breaking point and told my husband that I needed to figure something out.

That evening I happened to learn about milkmakers! It was kismet for sure! I ordered some immediately and ate two a day for the next few weeks and really noticed a difference. I found that I was pumping more during the day and my before bed pumping (which was always hit or miss) was a lot easier. Plus, the cookies are pure deliciousness. I usually keep half of them in the freezer and then half in the fridge. They are wonderful and I can’t keep my husband away from them.

I feel like part of the reason they work (aside from the milk inducing ingredients) is that when I take one out of the fridge it’s a mental signal to myself that I’m doing something good for me and good for my daughter.

Violet has taught me: Patience -she’s taught me to slow down and to enjoy the little things.

How I have changed since becoming a mother: I don’t sweat the small stuff, mostly because I don’t have time!

I enjoy most about breastfeeding: I love that I’m the only one who can provide her with this particular type of satisfaction and comfort. I love that it is so good for her.

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