Growing Together


Growing Together

When I was pregnant with Isabel, my first, I was anxious and hopeful about the experience of giving birth, of breastfeeding, of being a mother. I had ideas about the kind of birth I wanted to have, how long I should or would breastfeed, and ideas about what kind of mom I would be.

But then, Isabel arrived.

There were so many things about being Isabel’s mom that took me by surprise. I had heard so many horror stories about deliveries, but giving birth to her was an empowering and enlightening experience. And breastfeeding was so much harder, and so much more rewarding than I had expected. In those early weeks of breastfeeding Isabel, I began to see just how much it meant to me. And, when I began to struggle with supply issues, I wanted to do anything and everything possible to continue to breastfeed.

It was through my experience breastfeeding Isabel, that I was inspired to create Milkmakers.

I grew so much in those early months as a new mom. Isabel made me see the world and myself with completely new eyes. Moms, I know you can relate. Our kids inspire us to stay healthy, to work harder, to live our very best lives, to set the very best example. It’s not just our kids who are growing, we are growing right alongside them.

And, mom, that’s why it’s so important to me that you have the support and resources you need on your journey as a parent.  Whether you’re struggling with postpartum depression, looking for ways to get healthier, or hoping to learn all you can about breastfeeding before baby arrives- we’ve got the resources you need. Enjoy!