Got a Clogged Duct? 3 Simple Steps to Relief FAST

Got a Clogged Duct? 3 Simple Steps to Relief FAST

Clogged ducts are often a harmless, yet painful, condition that occurs while breastfeeding. If left unchecked, however, clogged ducts can turn into an infection (mastitis) which can be VERY painful and can disrupt your milk supply and relationship. If it’s a clogged duct- it’s best to discover it soon and do what you can to treat it!

Is it a clogged duct?

The signs of a clogged duct are:

a small, hard lump that’s sore to the touch or a very tender spot on your breast, redness around the clogged duct, a hot sensation or swelling that may feel better after nursing.

What can you do?

As soon as you discover you have a clogged duct, there are three things that work best to address the clog:

  1. massage, massage, massage.
  2. use a hot compress around the area of the clog.
  3. breastfeed, breastfeed, breastfeed.

This last one can be difficult because clogged ducts can be painful AND at times, frustrating to baby as well who may not be receiving the same flow of milk she’s used to.

Products that help…

HoMedics Thera-P Handheld Personal Mini Massager &

Bamboobies Soothing Therapy Pillows (which can be heated to ease discomfort and help to release the clog.)