Clinic at a Time: Saving Moms and Babies Lives IRL. Every. Single. Day.


Clinic at a Time: Saving Moms and Babies Lives IRL. Every. Single. Day.

Look around at the mothers you know.

Did you or someone you know have a breach birth?

A c-section?

Was the baby’s umbilical cord wrapped around the neck? Or were they born in their own meconium?

These are all serious medical complications in childbirth- but none have to be life threatening. And usually, few are here in the U.S.

In fact, 1 in 4 women in the U.S. will experience at least one minor complication during pregnancy or birth- but most don’t lead to serious or fatal outcomes. But in Bichena, Ethiopia, 1 in 13 women actually dies from a complication related to childbirth. 1 in 13.

Let that sink in.


Think about your group of best friends and imagine that one of them wasn’t here todaybecause of a minor complication during childbirth. Imagine the life of her partner, her children, her community without her. Consider the impact to your community if for every 4 mothers you know, one did not survive childbirth.


And now imagine that as you watch loved ones around you die, You discover YOU could do something to stop the senseless deaths. Because every life lost is completely preventable.


That is the story of Mulu Yayeyirad, the founder of Clinic at a Time, an organization working to improve maternal health outcomes for women and babies in rural Ethiopia by providing funding and volunteers to improve medical facilities and conditions in the region. This past summer, Milkmakers founder, Emily Kane, and team traveled to Bichena, Ethiopia, to witness first hand the work of Clinic at a Time in building an expansion on an existing clinic there. The goal of the project: to provide life saving medical supplies and other important resources to the clinic. Upon completion the clinic will provide a waiting room area for patients, beds for birthing mothers to birth and recover for at least 24 hours (currently women leave the clinic within 2-4 hours after birth), and an ambulance to help transport women on the outskirts (currently women travel hours or even days to reach the nearest clinic.)(Current stage of construction on clinic expansion…here you can start to see the maternity unit take shape!)

Emily, and the team at Milkmakers, were so moved by what they saw there, that they set out to spread the message of the work Clinic at a Time is doing and to be a part of funding the expansion on the clinic they visited.

…And that’s where you come in! We want YOU to hear to straight from Mulu and straight from Emily some of the incredible stories of the women in the Clinic. So, first be sure to tune in the momrepublic this week to hear their interview. Second, SUBSCRIBE to momrepublic, when you do Milkmakers donates a $1 to Clinic at a Time on your behalf.
And lastly, check out Clinic at Time for yourself. This is an organization that uses 90% of the funding they receive to benefit the communities they serve. That’s AMAZING! So, this Mother’s Day, celebrate all the wonderful work you do for your own family and give the gift of life and health to a woman halfway across the globe.