coupon + message from founder


coupon + message from founder

Hi, this is Emily Kane, founder of milkmakers.

I started milkmakers 2-1/2 years ago with the goal of serving breastfeeding moms – a community that I felt could be served better. Β 

I felt that I could make a huge difference to breastfeeding moms that have made the powerful decision to nourish their children in a society that doesn’t always offer support for breastfeeding moms.Β living social grant 3

When you make the decision to breastfeed there is no way to anticipate the challenges you will face. When I faced these challenges, I was more surprised that there wasn’t much support available.

Today’s super-mom tries to do it all: motherhood, breastfeeding, returning to work, pumping, and raising a family. It’s not an easy job. She needs information and products that support her decision to breastfeed.

Milkmakers was first-to-market with the idea of lactation cookies – an obvious mom-centric solution that large companies had never conceived of.

As a growing small business that supports moms just like you, I am emailing to ask for your help today. I am doing everything I can to get the $250k grant available from Mission Small Business. It would be a HUGE shot in the arm for milkmakers. A grant that size could help us reach out and support moms who desperately need our support.

Mission Small Business asks that I get 250 votes – so far I’ve got 140. Would you please take a moment to vote for milkmakers today? If you do, you’ll make a difference to moms everywhere. We need 250 votes by June 30th…thanks!

Milkmakers is dedicated to the idea that all moms should have the opportunity and support to reach their breastfeeding goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Vote for milkmakers!

Thanks for your support!

milkmakers founder and mom of three

Vote today with one click! Voting is easy…here’s what you do: Visit

Log in using your living social membership or your facebook account.

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Search for “milkmakers” under business name. Click ‘Vote’.

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Please vote now…we need at least 250 votes to be considered for a $250,000 grant by June 30th.

And…tell your nursing mom friends and family to vote for milkmakers (forward this email to them or post the link on your facebook page).

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