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26 Nov Coupon Gator Mommy Reviews milkmakers cookies

The blogger Coupon Gator Mommy is a stay at home mom who is always looking for great products and deals for babies & kids. She recently reviewed milkmakers cookies. Here's what she had to say about us: "I received the opportunity to try milkmakers lactation cookies....

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08 Oct Mudpies and Tiaras reviews milkmakers cookies

Mudpies and Tiaras is a blog created by two best friends, Belinda and Kristen. They blog about parenting and family life. Since they are both pregnant right now, they approached milkmakers about doing a review of our cookies as they wanted to share with their...

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17 Sep Just Another Hat Reviews milkmakers cookies

Romina Camiliing is a "savvy mom creating awareness for a healthy family, community, and planet" through her awesome blog Just Another Hat. She recently reviewed milkmakers on her blog. Here's an excerpt from her review: "My first experience with breastfeeding was definitely not a positive one....

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18 May A real mom reviews milkmakers cookies

Monica at, having trouble producing enough milk for her son, Ben, recently sampled milkmakers cookies to see if they could boost her milk supply. Here's an excerpt from her review. "In an effort to boost my milk supply, I've turned to any and all remedies...

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16 Apr Post

One of the things that I love about customer service calls is listening to the moms tell their stories.  They are real moms, with real stories.  I wish that every mom out there could hear them first hand like I get to.  Hearing the emotion in their voices when they...

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08 Apr Milk and Cookies (aka Lactation Cookies)

Milk and Cookies (aka Lactation Cookies) Thank you Kimberly from  Zenana Spa and Wellness Center for the great review and for helping us spread the word about milkmakers to other breastfeeding moms.   Milk and Cookies (aka Lactation Cookies) April 1st, 2011 .  by Kimberly Bepler, ICPE, IAT (ICEA), PCD (DONA), CPD (CAPPA) Milk...

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17 Nov No Support.

I was living in Brazil when I had my 2 daughters (now aged 6 and 7 years old). Breastfeeding support was nonexistent. I really struggled to feed my eldest daughter and spent many hours trawling the internet for advice and information. I only managed to...

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16 Nov Making It Work

When my daughter was born three years ago, I was a stressed out and busy Marketing Manager. I was committed to breastfeeding for as long as I could, but found it challenging. In my first month back to work, I had to fly to Chicago...

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