20 Mar Who Needs Sleep? You Do, Mom

Recently more research is coming out about the importance of getting your zzz’s. Not getting the minimum 8 hours of sleep a night most of us need can cause major health concerns and parents with the most severe cases of sleep deprivation (due to a...

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13 Feb Friended: Finding Your Social Network IRL

In our first season of momrepublic, we talked with new moms Christina Perrin and Mandy Nelson about the struggles to maintain old friendships and to find new friendships after having a baby. It struck a chord! So, they're back with a follow up episode for...

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21 Jun Affection, Intimacy, and How to Get There

Are you doing it? That’s right- we’re going there. Let’s talk about sex. On this episode of momrepublic, we hear from new and breastfeeding moms who get really, really real about when, where, how, and if they’re even getting it. You're going to want to...

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