Breastfeeding is for Every BODY

Breastfeeding is for Every BODY


I didn’t think the effects of fat-shaming and body-shaming could be any more awful and harmful than they already are until I recently read this study about obese mothers. The study suggests that obese mothers are less likely to persist in reaching their breastfeeding goals and the reason will enrage you:

Body image issues. Yes, that’s right, I said body image issues.

Obese moms are more likely to cite high levels of discomfort when breastfeeding in public AND more likely to cite discomfort even when nursing in their own homes around family and friends. This HAS to change.

Here are 3 ways to support ALL moms in reaching their breastfeeding goals.

Let her know you’re perfectly comfortable with her breastfeeding in front of you. You may think it goes without saying that if you yourself are a nursing mom, your friends will all feel equally comfortable nursing in front of you. Don’t assume. Let every mom you know know you’re totally comfortable with her breastfeeding in front of you. Anytime. Anywhere.

Trust that she knows how to make healthy choices for her own body and her own baby.  Every body is different. And health comes in all shapes and sizes. It is never ok to lecture or berate another person about their weight or to assume anything about their health because of their size. Let her know you support her choices for her body and her baby.

Don’t participate in hating on your (or anyone else’s body.) Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. And, motherhood can cause all kinds of changes in a woman’s body. Still, be sure to be grateful for your body and it has done to nourish you and your baby. Make sure you speak in body positive terms about yourself and others. It’s good for you- and it’s supportive of other women in your life of all shapes and sizes.



This article was written by Diana Cherry  Social Media Manager for Milkmakers, mom of 4, and a blogger over at The Front Yard Frontier.