breastfeeding: a journey worth sharing


breastfeeding: a journey worth sharing

Jacky of Mummie's NummiesGuest post by Jacky Souders of the blog Mummie’s Nummies

Jacky Souders is a stay at home Mummie of two sweet/zany/beautiful girls (Hi Pooker and Kit Kat!), three angels in heaven (Lima Bean, Baby Heart and Twin), and wife to an amazing and supportive husband (Hi Stephen!)

She is also the creator of “Mummie’s Nummies,” a breastfeeding support blog, and author of the new book Mummie’s Nummies Breastfeeding Journey.

My personal breastfeeding journeys have been so different. My first daughter was born without the ability to suck, was a “lazy” latcher, suffered from painful Silent Reflux for the first 12 months, and experienced poor weight gain at 5 months old while I battled with a breastmilk imbalance.

But my second daughter was a completely different story! Her first latch lasted 45 minutes! She was a happy Nummie Lover, and we are still experiencing our breastfeeding journey 35 months and counting.

I have come across so many breastfeeding journeys, which is why I created Mummie’s Nummies Breastfeeding Journey Book. I wanted to show everyone that no two journeys are the same, but EVERY journey deserves to be rocked!

Here are some of the journeys within The Breastfeeding Journey book:

Sarah and her adoptive son Baby Z. Baby Z was born prematurely and has suffered from multiple health setbacks. She decided to induce lactation even before Baby Z was born. Sarah also uses donor breastmilk, along with her breastmilk, WHILE using an SNS (Supplemental Nursing System.) Their breastfeeding journey is truly as unique as they come.

Tara and her son Baby E. Their breastfeeding journey began with a 6 day stay in the NICU and being bottle feed for the time spent there. They were able to push through and are now going on 7 months strong!

Danielle and her daughter Baby C. Danielle was told her breasts were “too small” to exclusively breastfeed by a hospital Lactation Consultant. When her daughter reached her 2 week growth spurt, Danielle began exclusively pumping which dropped her supply. Two months later, after an almost non existent breastmilk supply, an awesome Lactation Consultant helped build her supply back up through a hospital grade breastpump and some Fenugreek. They are 16 months strong into their breastfeeding journey (breastpump free!)

And of course you have me and my previous Nummie Lover J and my current Nummie Lover K. Baby J battled silent reflux, poor weight gain, and a rough first 6 months into her first breastfeeding journey, while I suffered a breastmilk imbalance. But we chose not to give up, despite suggestions and advice from others. We had to, unexpectedly, end our breastfeeding journey at 11 months due to a high risk pregnancy. My second breastfeeding journey (Baby K) is going on 34 months and we are choosing to let Baby K choose the path.

My hope is that every Mummie knows that breastfeeding is not always “textbook” and should never be judged by another’s journey. Your journey may be very different than the next Mummie… but that is NORMAL and FINE! Your Breastfeeding Journey is YOURS! And you should ROCK IT with all you got! And because each breastfeeding journey is unique… there is a little something special for each Mummie in the back of the book. A little somethin’ somethin’ to help you ROCK YOUR JOURNEY!

Find out more about Jacky, Mummie’s Nummies, and her new book by clicking here.