Author: Milkmakers_ML


06 Dec It Was a Total Disaster…And It Showed

Just 2 short weeks after my daughter, Harper, was born, my husband, Lucas, and I packed up our little apartment in the suburbs of Southern California and headed for a new life in Seattle. Those first few weeks in our new place were pretty rough, caring...

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02 Jun Stop the Madness!

When I was a kid there was a commercial on TV for JIF peanut butter. In fact, there's an even older version of the commercial dating back to the 1950's! The catchphrase at the end of the commercial was, "Choosy Moms Choose JIF."  And it's...

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16 May 3 Types of Bada$$ Breastfeeding Moms On the Go

The Walking Wet Bar Did you know you can breastfeed your baby while carrying them in a front pack? It doesn't matter if you're walking the dog, heading through airport security, riding the bus, even walking the halls of a professional conference- just strap them in...

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