A real mom reviews milkmakers cookies

A real mom reviews milkmakers cookies

Monica at macaronikid.com, having trouble producing enough milk for her son, Ben, recently sampled milkmakers cookies to see if they could boost her milk supply. Here’s an excerpt from her review.

“In an effort to boost my milk supply, I’ve turned to any and all remedies rumored to stimulate milk production, including fenugreek, Guinness, and nursing tea. These are all well and good, but it wasn’t until I discovered milkmakers lactation cookies that I found a delicious alternative to alleviate my milk supply woes. Yes, you read that right – cookies that can boost your milk supply!

“milkmakers’ lactation cookies are the most delicious weapon in my breastmilk boosting arsenal! And, since working milkmakers’ cookies into my lactation boosting efforts, I’ve absolutely noticed an increase, if ever so slight, in my supply.

“Indeed, when I ran out of the sample batch of milkmakers cookies, I witnessed a dropoff in milk supply until my new shipment (which I gladly purchased on my own) arrived at my door. I’m now back to happily devouring one or two milkmakers cookies each day, and plan to continue this delicious habit for as long as I’m supplying my baby with breastmilk!”

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