4 Things You Can Do Now to Improve Baby’s Latch

4 Things You Can Do Now to Improve Baby’s Latch

If you’re having latching issues, you’re not alone. Getting baby to latch properly isn’t always as easy as it looks…at first. But, with a few simple tricks and tips- you CAN be on your way to a better latch and a happier breastfeeding experience.

Seeing is believing.

If you’re like me, you may need a visual. First, make sure baby is positioned correctly. IF you’re not sure…check out some videos on the subject that are easy to watch and understand.

Make sure there isn’t a bigger problem.

Extremely flat nipples, tongue or lip tie, or even torticollis could be causing latch issues. If you think there may be a bigger issue. Talk to your baby’s pediatrician.

Give it time.

I know, it’s THE most frustrating thing to say. But, in this case, it’s also true. No, breastfeeding shouldn’t be painful. But, if it’s simply awkward at first, don’t worry! That’s normal. In time, your baby and you will get into a rhythm. He’ll know what to and so will you. And, your latch WILL improve.

And if not…

Talk to a lactation consultant.

If your baby isn’t gaining enough weight, isn’t soiling enough diapers a day, or if you are in a lot of pain as a new nursing mom, it’s time to seek help. Talk to a trusted lactation consultant to help you identify what the issues are so you can resolve the issue in a way that allows you and baby to maintain a positive breastfeeding relationship.


This article was written by Diana Cherry,  Content Editor for Milkmakers, breastfeeding advocate, mom of 4, and a blogger over at The Front Yard Frontier.