3 Types of Bada$$ Breastfeeding Moms On the Go


3 Types of Bada$$ Breastfeeding Moms On the Go

The Walking Wet Bar

Did you know you can breastfeed your baby while carrying them in a front pack? It doesn’t matter if you’re walking the dog, heading through airport security, riding the bus, even walking the halls of a professional conference- just strap them in and pull out the goods! They nurse on the go, no problem. This will begin a long career in multi-tasking, Mom. Get used to it!

How I feel when I walk and nurse at the same time.

How I feel when I walk and nurse at the same time.

*note: this works best with older children who can easily position their heads to and away from your breast. This could pose a safety hazard for smaller infants.

The Nursing Ninja

Have a highly distracted little one? Feel a little more comfortable nursing in private than in public? We hear you, Mom! You, too, can become a nursing ninja. You’ll just need to get good at scoping out private locations when you’re out in public. Waiting rooms, bathroom stalls, backseats of cars, and the quietest back booths of every restaurant will become your go-to locations. Fortunately, more and more businesses are catching on to your plight, and now you can even find family rooms with nursing areas or these awesome Mamava nursing pods (now available in many airports across the US.)


Looking for a quiet corner.

The Boobie Barista

Sometimes, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Ever tried pumping handsfree?


Milkmakers founder, Emily Kane, got tired of sitting around while pumping and knew she had to find a way to make pumping work for her. So, she got good at pumping breastmilk for her then infant son, James, while making breakfast for her 2 young daughters AND making coffee for herself. Now THAT’s when a Simple Wishes handsfree pumping bra comes in handy for sure!
What other kinds of #badass breastfeeding moms on the go can you think of? #GoMom!


This article was written by Diana Cherry,  Content Editor for Milkmakers, breastfeeding advocate, mom of 4, and a blogger over at The Front Yard Frontier.